This ever-changing and fleeting city always has the urge to build and host something bigger and better, creating a strong creative backdrop and vibe. Dubai has a mix of luxuries lifestyles and traditional practices, it attracts a great deal of tourist attractions and business deals. Allowing itself to have various religions that take place all together, it is a rare quality among the conservative Arab world.

Dubai Hostess

Known as a cosmopolitan metropolis, Dubai is a great hub to expand and take advantage of the business and cultural growth. Offering an exciting abundance of attractions, activities, shopping and nightlife, here are a few things that you can't miss out on. The Dubai Fountain is a record- breaking musical fountain show located in Burj Khalife Lake. The Ski resort inside the Mall of Emirates, coincidently the largest mall in the world, where it snows all year long always holds various activities. One of the major landmarks of the city is Deira Clocktower, standing at the gateway of Maktoum Bridge, it was built in 1963 to mark the country's first oil exports.

Dubai Promoters

Come across swanky hotels, aristocratic residential palaces and extravagant shopping and entertainment centers. No matter where you go, Dubai wants to keep your focus on sharp and classy buildings and events. Their new founded style is only surrounded by top hostesses and models. They bring their extra touch, as they guide you into the most exclusive places.

Great Trade Fair and Convention Centers in Dubai

Having more than 30 years of experience and one million square feet of multi-purpose space,Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center has welcomed some of the world's most high-profile events. Being a outstanding destination itself, it hosts over 500 events of any kind. Anywhere from international trade fairs, mega consumer shows to prestigious conventions.

Even more impressive, it welcomes 2.2 million visitors a year, meaning it attracts thousands of business leaders, private products launches and ready to buy consumers. Home to commercial offices of Sheikh Rashid Tower and the Convention Tower, DWTC is associated with the top glamorous brands and organizations which has made it become one of the best centers in the world. Anything you can image, they can do, with class and style.

Events in Dubai that you just might need hostesses

AEEDC is tailored-made for dental professionals and the oral health industry specialists from around the world. Thousands of dentists visit this trade show to add a positive and effective touch to the industry, creating a friendly atmosphere and ongoing success to each edition.

Paperworld Middle East aims to be a referent for the manufacturers and distributors of office stationery and gifts of the Middle East. A great place to launch new products and build a bigger network, gaining access to markets like Africa and Asia.

And for a different touch, come to Playworld Middle East. This event is the only exhibition available for the toy industry and all its creative ideas. Exposing from toys to games to furniture and thousands of other great children's products.

Bring you brand to this iconic city. It will help you make it bigger and better, since that is what the city is all about. If you are thinking of expanding it in style, this is your city. Contact us to check out the top hostesses and models. You will need them to increase your chances of being noticed and also to stay in the game, with the rest of the high-profile brands. We want the best for you, let us know and we will guide you to the ones you need.