We've been talking to Youssef Benkirane, the General Manager for Altesso Promotional Staffing Agency in Casablanca. He has talked us what to expect when we hire some staff for our exhibition and how to choose the perfect agency.

What does a hostess bring to your exhibition stand?

Usually, services of a promotional staffing agency are considered as a lux in the field of events. In order to optimize the customer relationship experience, a hostess could help the exhibitor to describe the faculties and the qualities of his product, then answer to the objections and the expectations of the prospect.

A hostess plays the role of an additive sales force when she has to attract first the attention of people surrounding the stand. It’s important to note that the hostess is considered as a full part of the organization team. She’s outsourced.

Altesso Hostesses

­ As an exhibitor, give me three reasons to hire a hostess agency?

As talked before, a hostess agency brings a real added value to the exhibitor.

  • One of the first reasons to hire a hostess agency is to inject to the organization, the impression, that it is a flexible firm which compose with all the facts presented to it to reach the commercial goals.
  • Secondly, permit to the top management to prepare the initial sales pitch before discussing with technical people.
  • Finally, we always need smiling persons behind the stand to improve the brand management.

Trade Fair Hostesses By Altesso

Give me some tips in order to select the right hostess agency?

You need to have the right interlocutor, the right spokespersons, who masteries the project management. Then, you have to be informed by what makes this agency, unique on the market. After all, try to understand the work process of the organization, such as booking, logistics, supervision ...

­ Tell me why I should choose your agency?

Altesso Staffing Agency is the first agency in morocco which practices the street casting. We are constantly, looking for new faces and we convert it into wonderful hostesses. Thus, we develop expertise on street and night marketing, which need a real study of our client cases.

Casablanca Hostesses

What qualities are you looking for in a hostess?

Our slogan is clear and very explicit: Welcoming people.

Which are the 5 most relevant trade fairs in your city?

I don’t think that it’s very important for us to list the most relevant trade fairs in Morocco, because, our core business is very large and aim to fulfill all the strategic areas available on the business ecosystem. Also, you need to know that our agency is aligned on the international standards of 4AS ( American Association of Advertising Agencies), AACC and EACA.

Hostess Agency In Casablanca